The Holy Mess

Living life and partying hard in Philadelphia, PA, The Holy Mess is one band that never seems to disappoint.

Recently celebrating their 5th year anniversary as a band, The Holy Mess already have performed over 300+ shows and aren’t looking to slow down. Whenever they’re playing at a bar or a crazy venue, frontman Steve O can be easily spotted with his tattoo-covered arms, dread-hawk hair style and white glasses. By his side is Rob who also shares an equal role with the vocals and splits guitar with Scott, all while Yosco sits back on the throne.

Together, you have The Holy Mess.

Coming out of the Poconos (except for the Scott and his Jersey ass), The Holy Mess have Red Scare Industries and Evil Weevil/Weird Skull Records by their side. The band’s first 2007 release of “A Briefcase Full of Bruise” brought that original punk sound to the table with it’s raspy vocals and fast paced songs like “5th and Stokes” and “Boones Farm Saints.” They quickly found themselves in the mix with bands like I Am the Avalanche and close friends, The Menzingers. Two years after marked the 2009 release of Dismount, a 6-track album that continued to share what everyone loved about the band. Influenced by friends Captain, We’re Sinking!, song “Captain, We’re Drinking!” and “Easy on the Pepsi Fuller” immediately became fan favorites and The Holy Mess started making a credible name for themselves.

Almost exactly a year later, The Holy Mess dropped Benefit Sesh to the public. The tracks were cleaner and polished with three songs that felt as though they could connect to it’s listeners. Lyrically and literally, it was their best stuff to date. Just when people thought that things couldn’t get any better, The Holy Mess announced they were re-recording some of their older tracks and also adding a few more to the 2011 self-titled album from Red Scare records. The famous ‘donkey-on-stilts-while-eating-ice-cream’ artwork connected the covers of Dismount and Benefit Sesh and was the perfect way to formally release their first, larger label debut. Notoriously touring with bands like The Lawrence Arms, The Flatliners and The Menzingers, The Holy Mess knew the future was certainly bright.

Right as 2012 rolled around, the band stated they were going to head to the studio in March at Atlas Studios to record their full-length album for Red Scare. A contest was held through the band’s facebook to see who could come up with the next album artwork. No further details have been released, but I surely hope the winner can compete with the previous covers!

Steve O has also been noted for his acoustic side-projects in Foul Weathered Friend and also plays with Nick Dailey in Ark Royal.

Stayed tuned to underPAgrounds for developing stories on The Holy Mess as their future album is in the works. In the meantime, check out their facebook page at and download their music at