Captain, We’re Sinking

Adding to the list of great bands comes Captain, We’re Sinking! CWS is another fantastic punk band out of the Scranton, PA scene. There aren’t many bands anymore that when you first hear them, you know you’ve hit gold. When I first started listening to CWS, I instantly knew this band was special and I haven’t stopped listening since.

Once I started this website, I sent an e-mail out to a few local bands I am familiar with and I am greatly appreciative that the guys from CWS took time to get back to me.

Forming back in 2007, CWS has come a long way from their high school days. With Bobby “12 oz.” Barnett  on Guitar/Vocals, Leo “Half-Tall” Vergnetti splitting Guitar/Vocals, Zach “Ed’s Kid” Cherette on Bass and William “Billy Fibs” Orender on Drums, these guys know the definition of having fun. With nicknames like those, you can’t doubt that. Bobby is also brothers with Greg from The Menziners, and that comes at no surprise as both bands are lyrically and musically unique.

Prior to forming the band, Bobby and Leo would play acoustic Against Me! covers in a laundromat in their hometown of Scranton. No one wanted to be in a Ska band anymore as that scene was slowly fading, so the future was unknown. Members Zach, Leo and Bob knew each other since their days back in high school, then they met Bill when they played Cafe Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre, PA with The Max Levine Ensemble and Bill’s band at the time, Jerk Reaction. Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw was playing drums for CWS at this show. Since then, they have all became friends and started to play more shows together.

After a year together and some experience under their belt, the band released a 12-track album “Animals Are Out” in 2008. 2010 marked the release of the 4-song EP “It’s a Trap!,” and fans knew this band was for real. Tracks like “Crushed by Milwaukee’s Best” and “It’s a Trap!” will get almost every person in the room singing, whether they know the words or not. Keeping up to date, they released another 7″ EP in 2011 that contained 3 songs that stood for everything they were capable of.

Opener “The Ballad of Ichabod Crane” is spiked with lively guitar work and more picturesque lyrics than usual. “Manners Are Their Own Reward, Gentlemen” has an annoyed, angrier bent running along its sharp edge, while closer “Foster Brothers” gets plenty of mileage out of plowed power chords and raw harmonizing, making for pleasing melodies. -Punknews

There have also been splits with bands Timeshares and Spraynard, but those are much harder to come by. In fact, the last made CWS/Spraynard split was sold at the December 23rd Christmas Show in Scranton.

When I asked the guys what music inspires them, they informed me that “Bobby is heavily influenced by Nirvana and Abner Jay, Leo is really into Titus Andronicus and Manchester Orchestra right now, Zach is jockin’ GDP, Nasty Nas and Lagwagon and Bill is into Discordance Axis, Pig Destroyer and Regina Spektor. The bands that influence us as a band are all of our friends bands (Tigers Jaw, The Greek Favourites, The Holy Mess, The Menzingers, Choke Up!, etc…)”
It is great to see that such a tight group of friends like this have all stuck together and still find time to all remember where they came from and jam. Trust me people, this scene is rare and should be appreciated much more.

“The future for Captain, We’re Sinking is always uncertain and we’ve become accustomed to that.” But don’t get too worried, the band is definitely gonna release another full length before the end of the world this year. As that date being 12/21/12, I would suspect that they would release their album much earlier than December so that we as fans have a few more months to enjoy it.

“We are also definitely going to see the Pacific before California sinks into it. We are four typical white dudes that play in a band that only half the time makes sense to us. We are full of depression, confusion, aggravation and… love? We are really nice guys, so come talk to us”

If you haven’t had the chance to check out CWS, I suggest you do. Even if you’re into rap, they can throw down a pretty nasty “Star Wars Rap” that can be found on YouTube that shows how awesome the band really is. The punk scene will never die with bands like Captain, We’re Sinking on the rise.

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