Luther Interview

On underPAgrounds, we cover any band we can to give them the recognition they deserve. Instead of writing a band biography on the band out of Philadelphia, Luther, I decided to change the style up a bit and keep the raw interview. These guys were awesome enough to get back to me and their music is awesome, definitely check them out and give them your full support!
-Who is all in the band Luther?

I’m Nick, I play guitar and sing some of the songs. My dear friend Phil plays guitar and sings the rest of the songs, then there’s our drummer Andy, and our bassist’s name is Greg and sometimes he sings a little bit.

-Where is everybody from?
Well Andy, Greg, and myself are from New Jersey and Phil is from the depths of North East Pennsylvania.
-How did you all meet?
Andy and I have known each other since we were 11 years old, and have really been playing music together since then. Andy and I met Greg in high school and the three of us have been pretty much family ever since. Personally, I first met Phil through mutual friends at a bar one night in the early summer of 2010. We talked music and records until the bar closed, became fast friends, but it wasn’t until a couple months later that we started talking about writing songs together and then we finally got around to it in the fall of 2010.
-When did Luther form?
We played our first show at Dad’s Haus in picturesque South Philadelphia in November of 2010, we have been writing together since September of 2010.
-General discography
We’ve released an EP “Siblings & Sevens” in August of 2011. It came out on BlackNumbers in the United States and on Disconnect Disconnect Records in the U.K.
We just released a split with Grey Area, The Copyrights and The Reveling last month, and that also came out on BlackNumbers in the United States.
-Who are the major influences of Luther?
This is a tough one. We all listen to different music than each other for the most part, so, I’m just gonna say what I think are the bands that we all overlap on : None More Black, Ghost, Metallica, Hot Water Music, Baroness, Explosions in the Sky, Dead to Me, Lifetime.
However, I think that a lot of the way that we sound as a band comes from each of us trying to pull the song in a different musical direction, which for some reason just makes the end result sound sorta like 90’s rock. I don’t get it.
-How about an upcoming album?
We are in what feel like the final stages of writing a whole bunch of new songs. I think we’ve got about 11 or 12 songs that we are incredibly happy with. Like every band we think that these songs are the best we’ve ever written. The majority of last year was spent touring with really good punk rock bands, so I definitely think these songs are a little more aggressive than the songs on our EP.  We are going in to the studio in late March to record them.
-Any future plans?
We are about to leave for a tour in March where we’ll be going down and playing at SXSW which is just an awesome opportunity. SXSW is something that we are seriously excited and appreciative to be a part of. After that tour we head in to the studio to record some songs and then we’re back out with some rad shows in April, gone most of May and then on tour for the next couple months. Our schedule is pretty packed for the rest of the year. As far as my future plans, I think I’m gonna start watching Sons of Anarchy, everyone has told me that it’s a great show, so that’ll pretty much be my 2012.

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