Spraynard Interview

Words cannot express how happy I am to post this interview. Spraynard, a great punk band out of West Chester, PA has gotten back to me and issued one of the best interviews ever. Simply put, they are awesome. I first heard Spraynard on If You Make It back in 2011 and ever since then I have grown to love their sound and style…

-So tell me, who is all in Spraynard and what do they play?
Pat – Guitar/Vocals/Super Mario 64
Pat “Dos” – Drums/Vocals/Snowboard Kids
Mark – Bass/Starfox 64

-Where is everyone from?
All 3 of us are from West Chester, PA. If you want to get specific, we each grew up in a few different suburbs around West Chester, but we have always considered West Chester our home.

-How long have you all known eachother?
We all met at pretty much the same time in high school. We still talk about the summer we all started hanging out and started a hardcore band to emulate Good Clean Fun and Kid Dynamite. Most of the songs were about video games or skateboarding. We were really cool young kids.

-When and where did Spraynard form?
We formed Spraynard shortly after our old band The Domino Theory broke up. We were all living in West Chester and starting college. College is something that easily gets the three of us bummed, so one of our main goals with Spraynard was to make it as fun as possible for ourselves as well as for the people listening to it. I think that was like 2008? Dos and I were also living at this house called the Creep House at the time. It was a pretty gnarly house as far as cleanliness goes, but the basement was soundproofed, so you could practice as late as you want. We wrote like 10 songs in 2 months or something. It ruled!

-General Spraynard discography
Oh my… I’ve never done this out loud I don’t think (the years on these may be wrong).
Demo – 2008
Split 7″ w/ Captain We’re Sinking – 2009
Split 7″ w/ Break the Habit – 2009
Cut & Paste LP – 2010
Split 7″ w/ Paramedic – 2010
Split 7″ w/ Sundials – 2010
Funtitled LP – 2011
Exton Square 7″ EP – 2012
To Mitch 7″ EP – 2012
I think that’s about right? Our buddy Brian Murray could correct it if it’s wrong, I’m sure.

-What are some of your favorite bands/influences?
The reason I started a band when I was super young was Green Day. I figured some day I would grow out of liking that band, but I’ve only grown to love them more over the years. I know Dos grew up on Blink-182 and still stands by everything they release (which is a challenge sometimes), but just the other night he was telling me that he has a new appreciation for Green Day (I win). Mark honestly has the most diverse music taste of any of us. He is not ashamed of the Jimi Hendrix poster still hanging in his room at his parents’ house. But mostly he listens to The Joy Formidable. All three of us can agree on the band Plow United. That band is definitely the reason we started Spraynard. West Chester rock city.

-Any future plans or albums in the works?
OH YEAH! We have an EP coming out on Asian Man Records/Square of Opposition Records/Yo-Yo Records (in Europe!) called Exton Square. It’s 4 new songs. We’re really proud of this release. We’re getting a little weird on it, but we were pleasantly surprised that we were able do so and not sound like Bon Iver or something. I feel like all of us are listening to a lot of radio hits right now (have you heard that Gotye song??? Insane), so we went a little more straight forward with these songs. We also have a 7″ coming out on Yo-Yo Records entitled “To Mitch.” That release is going to be more of a dedication to someone that meant a lot to us. We cover The Weakerthans on it. Pretty weird, right?

-What is your favorite song to play live?
My personal favorite is “We’re Pretty Nice Guys.” I’ve probably said differently in the past, but that’s how I’m feeling lately. That song is mostly about how personal punk can be – and to play it to a bunch of kids in a basement feeling the same way is just really nice. There’s some jazz about “people I’ve never met but already know” in that song, and it’s always rad to see kids singing along to that… COZ THEY’RE THOSE SAME PEOPLE!!!!!!!! 🙂

-Any milestones or anything you are all proud of as a band that you’ve accomplished?
We were tripping on this the other day actually! We have accomplished so many things we never thought we would being in Spraynard. We played with Kid Dynamite. That’s something I never even thought possible for any facet of my life. I won’t even get into how incredible that was for all of us. We’ve played with so many bands we admire and never thought we could play with. We’ve met way too many amazing people to list. We made a bunch of “best records of 2011” lists with Funtitled… wha?! How is this happening? It’s just so cool and unbelievable. I’m really at a loss for words with all of it. PUNK RULES.

-List any big-named bands you’ve played with
Bel Biv Devoe. It was weird.

-Battlefield or Modern Warfare?
HAHAHAHAHAHA… we make fun of Mark on almost a daily basis for his (former) Modern Warfare obsession. “Maybe if you practiced bass as much as you play Modern Warfare” was a common phrase used at practice a few years ago. Those games stink, though. Play more N64 multiplayer games. Goldeneye forever.

-If you could form a ‘super band,’ who would it consist of? 
Myself on guitar, Dos on drums, and Mark on bass. WE ARE BEST FRIENDS AND I WOULDN’T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD!

-If you could smell one thing for the rest of your life, what would that one smell be?
HOLY CRAP! This is a great question! I have actually found over the years that I really enjoy different scents and appreciate good-smelling things. My personal scent would be Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works. Kind of a mainstream scent, I know, but it’s a really warming feeling when I smell it.

Well, there you have it. Honestly, this interview right here is the main reason I started underPAgrounds. Awesome bands like this are so shadowed by all the mainstream bullshit you hear on the radio that I decided to launch this to get more people in the knowing of other great bands. And if you can’t tell by this interview, they’re a fun group of guys who love N64 and playing music. What can be better than that?
Check them out on their Facebook page and love every move they make. As they stated before, an upcoming EP titled “Exton Square” is in the works and you can listen to the newly released single “Trembling” and even pre-order the EP….GO CHECK IT OUT!