Restorations Interview

Good ole Philadelphia, always popping out bands for our listening pleasure. It’s truly great how so many great bands in the underground music scene simply play to have fun. Meet Restorations, an amazing Philly band that plays music with passion from their hearts. The first time I heard them play, I instantly knew that this unique band was going to go places. Fortunately for me, I was lucky enough to get an interview with member Dave for underPAgrounds. Check it out, listen to their music and support their every move.

-So tell me, who is all in Restorations and what do they play?
Jon – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dave – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ben – Keys, Guitar, Vocals, Wildcard, Wildman, Designated Driver
Dan – Bass, Vocals, Caffeine, Guy With Red Hair
Carlin – Drums, percussion, Yelling tunelessly without a microphone, the opposite of what you think drugs and alcohol should do to a person.

-Where is everyone from?
Philadelphia for the most part. A mix of lifers and transplants. Philly is where we call home, for better or worse.

-How long have you all known each other?
Might as well be forever at this point. We’ve all been playing in bands since we knew how to physically lift instruments. Nitty gritty: Jon and Dave started together in a relatively unknown band named Jena Berlin. That ran its course and then, by natural progression, Restorations formed in the wake of that band’s demise. At midnight, all the agents…. It’s like that.

-When and where did the band form?
There’s a proper timeline somewhere in there. You could put a time and place on this band if you really wanted to, but that’d be pretty boring. We formed in the cosmos at the very start of the universe.

-General Restorations discography

Strange Behavior

Split with Rosetta:


-What are some of your favorite bands/influences?
It’s cliched to say anymore, but our faves/inluences are all over the musical map. We’ll listen to and take ideas from just about any genre and anything.

-Any future plans or albums in the works?
A bunch of weird demos and some very, very promising new material (not available just yet). Yeah, we got albums and plans.

-What is your favorite song to play live?
I think the whole band generally agrees that Broken Vacuum is the perennial favorite.

-Any milestones or anything you are all proud of as a band that you’ve accomplished?
Getting the Self-Titled out was a big ass milestone. That record that is debatably our best work, and the reason that anyone wants to interview us for our opinions. And, by a slim margin, it almost didn’t happen. Getting that out into the world was major for us. Beyond that, we’ve played a bunch of great shows, large and small, but this past years FEST (Gainesville, FL) was a one of a kind experience. It sucks to have to put it this way but “you had to be there.”

-If you could form a ‘super band,’ who would it consist of?
Eh… Supergroups are short lived and markedly short of sustainable material. Much rather see a real band do their best. Although, Able Baker Fox made a strong case for “Supergroup” possibilities, despite their unfortunately short lived existence.

-Favorite ice cream flavor…
One part very vegan, one part very lactose intolerant.

-Old ladies love cats…what is one thing you all will love when you are older.
Even when our bodies stop making it possible to play music we’ll all still consumed by it. We’ll just be resntfull that we can’t physically produce it anymore. Beyond that there’s always good food, good drink, good times. And there’s nothing wrong with loving cats. And Dogs. And the entire animal kingdom.

-All-time favorite video game…
Carlin is really the only gamer in the band. His favorite games are Chrono Trigger and the Gears of War series.

Well, there you have it. Please listen to Restorations buy their vinyls! You’ll thank them, trust me.