The Holy Mess “Cold Goodbyes” Review

Do you want a rock-hard erection? Then this is a no-brainer. What is better than 3 songs from The Holy Mess to hold us over until Cande Ru Las Degas drops August 14th? Nothing. “Cold Goodbyes” features the single Cold Goodbyes, along with The Saddest Girl to Ever Hold A Martini, and a cover of Male Call from The Menzingers.

These songs, especially Cold Goodbyes, pump the shit out of you and are a must-have for any Mess fan. If you’re into this scene of underground punk, then check it out. You can buy it on Amazon or iTunes and blast it all night long. In the meantime, check it out here from Alt Press!

“Cold Goodbyes” gets a 10/5 stars. Yessir