The Menzingers and The Front Bottoms Full European Tour Dates & Map!

The Front Bottoms have released their tour dates with The Menzingers for their upcoming tour in Europe! They even included a little dandy map. So if you live in Europe or if you’ve ever wanted to take a stroll to another country, now’s your chance! The Front Bottoms and The Menzingers kick off their trip mid-September.


Sep 19 @ Hare and Hounds
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sep 20 @ Moho Live
Manchester, United Kingdom

Sep 21 @ Captains Rest
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Sep 22 @ Cockpit 3
Leeds, United Kingdom

Sep 23 @ Unit
Southampton, United Kingdom

Sep 24 @ The Croft
Bristol, United Kingdom

Sep 25 @ The Borderline
London, United Kingdom

Sep 26 @ J H Thope
Brugge, Belgium

Sep 27 @ Winston
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sep 28 @ Les Combustibles
Paris, France

Sep 29 @ MTC
Cologne, Germany

Sep 30 @ Vortex
Siegen, Germany

Oct 01 @ Café Lorenz
Munster, Germany

Oct 02 @ Cassiopaeia
Berlin, Germany

Oct 03 @ Chez Heinz
Hannover, Germany

Oct 04 @ Sunny Red
Munich, Germany

Oct 05 @Ligera,
Milan, Italy

Oct 06 @ Eldorado
Zürich, Switzerland

Oct 07 @ Arena 3 Raum Bar
Vienna, Austria

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