Album Review: The Holy Mess “Cande Ru Las Degas”

When The Holy Mess released their Cold Goodbyes EP a month or so back, I was kind of disappointed that I already heard one of their best songs on the album (so I had thought). However, when “Cande Ru Las Degas” became available for digital download, I was fucked in the ears.

The album starts off with an acoustic jam called “My Boring 90’s”- a song similar to front man Steve O’s solo project called Foul Weathered Friend. It is certainly a change from their usual fast-paced-hard-strings sound, but it’s good. Opening the album on an acoustic note was a bold move that works with the album, allowing for the pace to quickly build up throughout. Speaking of Foul Weathered Friend, fans will be thrilled to hear the revamped version of “Hospitals” this album has to offer.

For those advent THM fans, the next three songs will be familiar. “Within the Range of a Raven,” “The Saddest Girl to Ever Hold a Martini,” and “Cold Goodbyes” were available for listeners prior to the albums release and kick off the album’s punk style. Like I said before, these are the perfect combination to follow an acoustic opener.

“The Saddest Girl to Ever Hold a Martini” and “Cold Goodbyes” are very reminiscent to their earlier works on Benefit Shesh and damn, do they kick ass. “Cold Goodbyes” is a fan favorite already for many people and is the highlight of the album, but it doesn’t even come close to stopping there.

A collaboration with Tim Browne was genius for the song “A Song for Tim Browne To Sing,” don’t you say? The style of the song is slightly different than the rest of the album, but again, it works perfectly. The chords throughout remind me of a Hootie and the Blowfish moment with “I Go Blind,” but in their very own Philadelphian underground style.

I have to say, my all-time favorite song from the Mess is, or should I say was “A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer,” but this album tells me otherwise. “Asleep in a Room Full of Dog Shit” is a song that fucking rules from the time is begins to the point where I’m sad it has to end. The breakdown-harder-progressively powerful and strong lyrics do something to me where I can’t contain myself. Part of me want’s to just mosh and kick ass while the other part of me wants to imitate Yosco and his brilliant performance on the drums throughout the song- especially the ending that deserves a Nobel Prize. It is a song for the ages, folks.

“Cande Ru Las Degas” is a must-own for anyone with ears. Not one point during the album does it get old or drag on; it’s one of the best put together albums I’ve seen in a long time. Hell, I wish there was more songs! Hopefully some B-sides will appear in the soon future?

“Cande Ru Las Degas” is available on August 14th on CD, but is already available to download through iTunes and Amazon for less than an Alexander Hamilton, and for free listening on Spotify. GET ON THIS SHIT!!!!!

Here is the complete track list:

1. My Boring 90’s
2. Within The Range Of A Raven
3. The Saddest Girl To Ever Hold A Martini
4. Cold Goodbyes
5. A Song For Tim Browne To Sing
6. Hospitals
7. Asleep In A Room Full of Dog Shit
8. Half That and Dublin
9. Weren’t No Fun
10. All Those Words