About the Author

My name is Frank Passalacqua and I launched underPAgrounds on January 31, 2012. I mainly did this because I am sick of hearing shitty “music” on the radio and I want people to be aware that there is better and greater music that isn’t so mainstream. underPAgrounds will be primarily to discuss news and reviews of local underground PA bands of the indie/punk/rock genre.

I am currently attending Wilkes University for communications. I first grew my love for the underground scene when I listened to the Menzingers back in 2008. Over the years, I discovered many great bands that veer away from the mainstream garbage and it’s truly amazing how many bands I have started to follow (The Menzingers, The Holy Mess, Captain We’re Sinking! and Spraynard just to name a few). Sure, these bands are starting to get the recognition they deserve and you may even hear them one day soon, but my job is to make sure that happens quicker. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure underground hip-hop and such has a similar following, but this simply isn’t the place for your Eminem loving ass.

To wrap this up, I am a big sports fanatic and I have done many works with similar websites expressing my thoughts and feelings through the journalism field. As for the future, I do not know, but I hope this site grows and grows so I can expand and be tops in the game. So do your part and spread the word of this site so we can get a large fan base! I have high hopes of getting some interviews with local bands, and that can be achieved much easier if you and all your friends like this. If you have any questions,  please email underpagrounds@yahoo.com

Frank Passalacqua